What matters most

When I'm out of the hospital for a week or 2 weeks I try to document my family as much as I can. They are definitely a huge part of my life.

Keep moving



Home sweet home! After 29 days (round one chemo) of being away from Z, Zoey and my home... I just wanted to relax with them. You never truly know how blessed you are until it is taken away. Hold everyone you hold dear tight... very tight, for they could be taken away as soon as they step outside the door.

Chemo jammies

One thing I've learned during my first round of chemo is that there are a multitude of different chemo therapies and they all vary in toxicity. I also learned that chemotherapy isn't just for cancer! Whaaaaa... (answering myself) I know! Hospitals use it for a lot of auto immune dieases as well. Either way, no matter what type of chemo... the nurses have to wear what I call a "chemo jammie". Basically a big blue sheet with sleeves, extra precaution in case the IV bag burst or spills. I know it is about that time when I see then getting ready.