Equal Portrait # 17 Kat


Q: What do you identify as?

A: If you had asked me that question a week ago I would've told you that identify as a person with Hispanic and Italian background. When I got pregnant with my first baby they do a lot of blood test turns out I have sickle cell trait . When I got pregnant with my second baby and told all the doctors I got funny looks from each and everyone of them with a "ok sure". They did more blood tests and were like wow I didn't expect that. One of the nurses asked me the same question. Your white right? On the form it says white ( non Hispanic), Hispanic, other, etc. My mother is first gen American so I say no I'm Hispanic and other. She looks me up and down and says I'm just going to put white. I decided to look into my background. I recently completed one of those genetic test to see where I come from, turns out I'm from all over. Italian, Iberian, Irish, 16% native American, Asian, and African. Not like "we are all from Africa but 6th great grand parent is African. They could even tell me they were born between 1810-1700. So I guess to answer the question I now identify as human. Mother, wife, friend. "Other" on paper. 


Q: What does being “other” in America mean to you?

A: I'm proud to be mixed race.

I would say I have it pretty easy though because as a person with a mixed background but who looks very white I have not been discriminated against or treated like some of my family has been treated. There's a lot of guilt that goes with that. I'm grateful for who I am and proud of who I am. For me it means I have good genetics to pass on to my kids, and a history I would love to dive into.


Q: Last but not least, we all know there is a inequality (be it race, sex, sexual orientation or religion) problem in American... how do you think we should go about solving it if you think it can be solved.

A: I don't think it will ever be completely solved. There will always be hate for something or someone. But I also don't think we should ever stop fighting for it or learning about it. Let's keep it a bay with pumping as much love in to the world as possible. Standing by one another and not keeping quiet. It's up to us to check our peers and teach the youth. Asking "how can I help?" As opposed to "here is what we should do" in some cases. Know when to follow and know when to lead. I don't have all the answers but I am trying to educate myself everyday. Open conversations. Not shy away from things or topics that make me uncomfortable and raise my kids with love for all.