Equal Portrait #20 Katherine


Q: What do you identify as?

A: I truly identify as a Christian woman who loves Jesus and people...a people person to the bone. 

Q: What does being a Christian woman in America mean to you?

A: Super lucky...having the freedom to exercise my faith without persecution is HUGE.

Q: Last but not least, we all know there is a inequality (be it race, sex, sexual orientation or religion) problem in American... how do you think we should go about solving it if you think it can be solved.

A: This question is tough for me to answer only because I truly believe in having conversations with people and not have them form a opinion just from my few sentences BUT since you asked, I will try to answer this the best I can. My answer to this question does tie into my first comment. I believe that solving indifferences takes so much love and conversations. I know...a very tough question answered with LOVE and CONVERSATION...doesn't seem to be full of depth or thought but it is what we do in our household to keep our next generation in line with the word of God. We love without measure...regardless of who or what you are. We also have conversations with people who are different then us...we aren't just hanging with other Christians only. When we strip ourselves down to just the Human Race we are all the same really...we all want happiness, we all love to love and be loved, we all seek success in something and we all want to feel connected. Jesus's ministry was just these two things...loving the human race and always speaking and talking with all amongst the crowds.