Equal Portrait #15 Charlene

Q: What do you identify as?

A: Bi-sexual Latina

Q: What does being bi-sexual in America mean to you?

A: I kept my sexuality hidden for so long because I was afraid of what my family and society would think. But yes, being out in public with my partner scared me at times and it made me uncomfortable. But I don't think it's an "American" problem so much as it's a "Humanity" problem. 

Q: Last but not least, we all know there is a inequality (be it race, sex, sexual orientation or religion) problem in American... how do you think we should go about solving it if you think it can be solved.

A: Equality for the LGBT community has taken some major strides in the right direction. But there will always be people who oppose the "lifestyle" because they see it merely as a choice, something that can be changed. Racism will exist through the ages because of people's mindset, it's not something that can simply be changed because you will it or force it, people have to want to change. I don't fear people who don't understand or accept my sexuality. I fear the fear and hate they carry in their hearts because of it. That is why America will continue to be a people divided. So it's not really a question of How do we change it, it's a question of whether or not you can love people in spite of the difference. Some will, some won't. There's no fix for that.