Equal Portrait #21 Chris


Q: What do you identify as?

A: I identify as a person who is simply attempting to become better than I was the day before.  In my faith as a follower of Christ, as a husband, father, filmmaker, human being.  Not always an easy task, but if I’m at least conscience of trying than I think I am on the right  track.

Q: What do you hope to see change in the US?

A: I hope to see more conversation with grace and love in our nation. We are all equals but come from all walks of life. So uniformity is something that cannot be obtain, but who wants that anyways? I love interacting with people who grew up, think, and/or believe different than my perspective.  As long as there is respect and decency for every individual than we could have unity rather than uniformity. 

Q: How do you feel about the recent mass shootings and what do you think can be done to at least try lessen their occurrence?

A: It’s heartbreaking! Is it crazy idea to support the 2nd amendment and also admit we have a problem? Looking at US shootings compared to all other countries is statistically an easy sell that we need reform.  However, both sides of the spectrum are constantly screaming as loud as possible where no middle ground can be reasoned…and that is frustrating.  I think it goes back to conversations. Discussion without trying to scream or stuff your ideas down someone you disagree with’s throat has to happen. Until then, I think we are at a stalemate.