Phace #6 Jon- Michael

What do you identify as? 
American. My nationality is Mexican American *

What does being Mexican American in America mean to you? 
I would say being Mexican American in America can go both ways depending on who you ask really, but as a race we are thriving and growing faster than ever. I keep reading reports on Latino growth and by 2020 we will make up almost 40% of the US population, that’s huge. *

Do you think there is a racial inequality problem in America? How do you think we should go about solving it? 
Without question there’s an inequality problem in America. We live in a time where everything is being recorded and streamed online; inequality for race, sexual orientation, and gender are now being put at the fore front of how human beings are really being treated around the nation. We’re holding those with power accountable for these injustices and there is nothing really being done to protect innocent people being engulfed by a system that was created to “protect” us. 
My dad was once the Vice President for a Local Union here in San Antonio; he taught us very young to be proud of our people and protect those who were unable to do so for themselves. We were taught to love everyone regardless of color, gender, or whatever part of the world they came from. 
Change starts with our youth. The future is just as important as the present, we need more people working towards programs either in school or after school programs that highlight the idea of the “Equality” really looks like. 
Things like hashtags and changing your photo to show support does bring awareness but it won’t make things actually change. We need to assemble with a leader whose voice carries honor and merit for positive non-violent change, a Cesar Chavez or Martin Luther King JR if you will.